Blackboard has made recent improvements in functionality that we’d like users to explore before integrating them into our UIC system in the upgrade planned for August 12, 2017.

Users have been asked to use the link below and their current login credentials to access UIC’s Blackboard preview site where they can safely play with the new features without impacting their current courses:

Here is a highlight of what can be explored. Feedback is emailed to


  • New look
    • Blackboard color scheme, fonts, and overall look are updated for readability and function. Keep an eye out for an email with a video that shows your new customization options.
  • Responsive design
    • Accessing the full desktop version of Blackboard from your mobile device will be easier as content adjusts for readability on mobile phone browsers and tablets.
  • Improved discussion forum navigation
    • Navigate to the next or previous thread in a discussion from the Thread Detail page without having to navigate back up to the Discussion Forum page.
  • Assignment upload receipts and confirmation notifications
    • A submission receipt is captured at the time of submission and includes information such as attached file information, date, and time. This provides  academic records and gives students assurance about their work submission.
  • Drag and drop file attachments
    • Easily attach files to Course Items and Assignments by dragging files from your computer to the “hot spot” in the attach files area.


Additionally, the following tools that integrate with Blackboard have been added/improved.

  • Collaborate Ultra: webinar tool for interactive sessions that replaces the java-based old Blackboard Collaborate. You can add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact right in your browser.
  • ShareStream: video streaming tool with a new mashup for one step publishing and the improved ability to upload and publish multiple files at once.
  • VoiceThread: asynchronous communication tool for audio-based discussions that will replace Voice Tools.

Users are asked to use their desktop or mobile device browser to access the Blackboard preview site at and explore these improved features and tools.

For questions or to send feedback simply email ACCC-Learning Technology Solutions at