You probably feel that there is never enough time to learn skills that aren’t related to your core subject-matter expertise. But when time is of the essence, and you need to pull off that Excel trick you learned a month ago, where do you turn for help? Whether you need to learn something completely new or remember a quick shortcut, is available to help. is a learning site built with thousands of video tutorials that primarily teach software skills, across many different types of professional software. From productivity tools to animation and programming, there is literally content for everyone as Lynda offers hundreds of topics taught by industry experts.

All the training videos are hosted online, and now with the 9.1 2014 version of Blackboard Learn, you can seamlessly insert any video as part of your content, and you can even control content to be adaptively released once the student has watched a tutorial. In addition, you can request your students to submit a certificate of completion for any course that you have requested. Now, you and your students can truly learn anytime, anywhere, and for free.

Free? Well, not really. The university subscribes to as one of the solutions for professional development for everyone; therefore, the more students, faculty, and staff that take advantage of this service, the better the return of investment. We encourage you to try it and share your experience by participating in a fun contest to learn and win with during the month of February.

Get ready, learn more, and win!!

ACCC, Instructional Technology Lab