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(Information Technology Projects Committee)

The Information Technology Priorities Committee (ITPC) functions to provide a common approach to solicit, review, prioritize and execute information technology projects involving University Administration (UA) information technology resources. The ITPC is the primary body responsible for evaluating administrative information technology initiatives from project origination through the end of a project’s lifecycle. The process authorizes both labor and financial resources for selected projects, including any project that:

  • Involves resources from a UA unit, or campus based unit that plans to offer an administrative system for the entire campus
  • Interfaces with an Enterprise system
  • Is administrative in nature, and wishes to utilize funding from the central pool of administrative information technology dollars allocated by the Academic Affairs Planning Committee (AAPC)

Enterprise and campus level systems affect all units, so the ITPC process has an impact across the University. For example, a front-line academic unit will be directly and indirectly affected by changes in major systems such as Banner and the Enterprise Data Warehouse. However, there are some administrative information technology areas that are not directly within ITPC’s scope. For example, the ITPC process is not related to independently developed administrative systems housed in front-line academic units (responsibility of the unit), administrative technology in the Medical Center (Med Center administration) or certain campus-wide administrative applications (campus CIOs). Where there are questions about the scope of ITPC on any general area or specific initiative, the issue should be brought to the attention of the ITPC Chair.


Project proposals

ITPC projects fall under one of three levels depending on the estimated budget or time needed to complete the project, and each level has a proposal template for a unit to request assistance:

  • Level 1 proposal — projects with total budgets between $20,000 and $100,000 or involving between 250 and 850 hours of effort
  • Level 2 proposal — projects with total budgets between $100,000 and $250,000 or involving 850 to 5,000 hours of effort
  • Level 3 proposal — projects with total budgets greater than $250,000 or involving greater than 5,000 hours of effort