IT Governance


The campus created an information technology governance framework for reviewing “the campus’ IT resources and services, determining what services to eliminate and what services to centralize at the core.” This recommendation we developed and approved following the report of the Information Technology Task Force (2010). The opening line of the report clearly defined the thought process of the group: “When we consider Information Technology, or IT, we much recognize that it is both a significant expense and a critical necessity.” The task force’s first recommendation was to create a governance process, and that led to the creation of the IT Governance Council (2011). The final report from the IT Task Force is available in PDF form: UIC ITTF Final Report. The IT Governance Council (ITGC) is the top-level group that oversees the IT governance process.  There are several  functional committees (Education, Research, Infrastructure and Security, Administration, and Data) that report to the ITGC, and in turn the ITGC reports to the Provost. The governance committees are the voice of the campus for IT related matters. Unit concerns related to IT should be brought forward to committees. The ITGC is responsible for addressing IT issues on campus and working to correct them.


The responsibilities assigned to UIC’s Information Technology Governance Council are to recommend and monitor:

  • IT Policies
  • Strategic Directions
  • Resource Allocation
  • Collaboration
  • Standards and Procedures
  • Transparency
  • Performance Measures

Successes for AY15

  • Approved creation of an overall University strategy for the selection, development, and implementation of business systems that takes into account the impact of system decisions on end users
  • Approved a pilot project to utilize and assess a web-based Student Response System (SRS) that could be used on student devices
  • Approved a pilot project to support faculty of one major/program in implementing and assessing a mobile learning initiative
  • Approved proposal to develop a website designed to support instructors in selecting and implementing technology to support key principles of teaching and learning
  • Approved proposal to develop and promote a formalized process, for the campus, to field requests for new instructional technology services, systems, and support mechanisms
  • Recommended implementing Laserfiche, from Gordon Flesch, as a campus solution for electronic document management

Committees to support the governance effort

  • Administration — focus is primarily on process improvement and decision support services
  • Data Governance — (New Group)
  • Education — research and recommend basic principles of instructional design to guide selection of pedagogically sound technologies for a variety of environments and applications
  • Infrastructure & Security — recommend services and service levels, and focus on best practices for protecting University data assets
  • Research — address meeting the research needs of a wide-variety of disciplines

Full information about the IT Governance Council including news, reports, minutes, committee information, and more can be found at the following link: