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University Wide IT Consulting Contracts

Background of Effort

The University conducted formal requests and reviews of proposals to facilitate departments finding and acquiring various services. The purpose was to have pre-approved contracts ready for units when they needed specific services to meet their business needs. These contracts are support two different efforts:

  1. IT Consulting Contracts
    These contracts were awarded to 10 companies to support specific IT efforts:

    • Strategic Planning, Process Analysis, and Project Management
    • Infrastructure
    • Information Security
    • Software/Application Development
    • Customer Service
    • Teaching & Learning
  2. Professional & Artistic Services Contracts
    These are services that are primarily intellectual or creative in nature. Examples include, but are not limited to: Law, accounting, medicine, artistic, marketing/media, science/research, management/administrative services, media services.The list of contracted vendors and pricing information for FY16 will be available soon. Please contact the UIC Purchasing Office if you have any questions at (312) 996-2828.