Email & Calendaring

Exchange Online

The campus is implementing a common email and calendaring solution called Exchange Online. From comments and feedback received through the IT Strategic Planning process and other conversations with IT Governance, the need is there for a common system to make it easier for all faculty and staff to collaborate with each other. In fact, it was ranked the #2 Key Finding in the final Strategic Plan report.

The current timeline is for ACCC to conduct a pilot with of the new service starting August 1, 2015. This will allow ACCC to address the documentation and training needs and to ensure a smooth migration of user mailboxes from the various email systems across campus into a common system.

There are several reasons why having a common email and calendaring solution is important:

  • Cost savings across entire campus as 1 system can replace 30 different email systems that were identified as being in operation
  • Increase in staff productivity by being on the same system
  • The Strategic Plan Working Group gave a high priority to focusing on email and calendaring because the absense of a common system was negatively impacting staff productivity
  • Security concerns for going with Exchange Online instead of other options
  • Ability to encrypt email to protect sensitive information
  • Always-available

New Features for Exchange Online

  • 50 GB mailbox quota which provides the ability to keep and organize all of your content in one place
  • Ease of access from any device from anywhere
  • Ability to share calendars across campus to facilitate events and meetings
  • Built-in data loss prevention (DLP) to help identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data
  • High availability and redundancy is built-in and backed up with a 99.9% service level agreement with Microsoft
  • Encrypting emails will be available in the future and based on a department’s business needs
  • Public Folders are availalbe

Timeline for Project

  • August — Exchange Online certified for production work & ACCC staff migrate to new service
  • September — Pilot of IT Professionals from colleges and units across campus
  • October — Begin migration of colleges and departments to new service